Simple soccer tips to improve your game

Welcome to my football blog. This site was set up to highlight my love for soccer, and share some tips I have picked up from playing and coaching for over twenty years.

Johann Cryuff is a personal hero of mine, he played the beautiful game how it should be played, and that’s one of the main reason my blog is named after him. Of recent years, only FC Barcelona have matched that quality of football, and I would be interested in seeing more of it in the lower divisions, and perhaps even at grass roots level.

Essentially, I want this blog to become a go to resource for soccer field positions, tactics, and learning to play the game better. Now having played several positions in my lifetime including center back, defensive midfield, and even a striker in my younger years, I think it’s fair to say I’ve a fair amount of experience on the matter, having played quite a high standard. I wish to share some of that football knowledge with the world to help you readers improve your own skills and talent.

If you’re new to playing, you may want to read the Four Four Two guide sections. That is a good place to start with excellent information shared by professionals who have all the necessary qualifications to help you.

Over time, this blog will share more information, videos, and step by step guides to play football to an extremely high level. So keep an eye out for updates coming soon.